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Six crew members of crashed chopper safely returned

Six group individuals from slammed chopper securely returned

ISLAMABAD: The group people from Punjab Government`s Mi 17 helicopter that had crash touched base in Afghanistan have safely returned to Islamabad.

Concurring the media reports, tribal seniors from both sides expected key part to release the prisoner group people from the crushed chopper.

Mi-17 chopper made an emergency landing in a Taliban-controlled locale of Logar domain on Aug 4 while flying out to Russia for upkeep and seven group people, including a Russian pilot, were kidnapped by a social affair of activists acknowledged to be Afghan Taliban.

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Taking after the mischance, Gen Raheel had instantly called Commander Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan General Nicolson and had asked for that he help in the recovery of the helicopter group.

The equipped constrain manager in like manner called Afghan President Ashraf Ghani a week back and asking for that he help in organizing an ensured and early recovery of the detainees.

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